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Social media recruitment websites outside of the "Big Three"

Every successful recruiter knows the triumvirate of social media recruitment websites that dominate the digital hiring landscape today - LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. While these corporations offer some amazing tools and advantages to the savvy recruiter, they are not the be-all, end-all of the internet.

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Final 2012 BLS Report reveals recruitment trends for 2013

Some fanatics thought the world would end on December 21st, but successful recruiters ignored these claims and waited for year-end statistics that would help them plan employment strategies for 2013.

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Attracting top talent during tough economic times

Everyone has felt the effects of the recent economic downturn in the United States. Consumer confidence has dipped, the value of the dollar has struggled and even unemployment has risen over the past four years.

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Act decisively during the start of the new year

A surge of activity is expected to sweep the hiring sector during the first few weeks of January, and you don't want to be left behind because you haven't initiated proper recruitment strategies. In order to identify the proper way to proceed in 2013, one only has to look at the current statistics and numbers of the employment market in the United States.

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New ways to target top talent

As the United States economy continues to rebound, recruiters are seeking new and innovative ways to target the top available talent. Some businesses focus on social media strategies through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter while others scrutinize job boards and resume listings to find the right candidate.

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Tweak employment strategies for specific industries

Employment statistics vary greatly from industry to industry, and historical trends often shift as economies, national infrastructure and even gender metrics change. The 2012 fiscal year has been no different than the many periods that preceded it - certain sectors are experiencing high demand while others are struggling mightily.

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Gift Wrap What You're Selling with Video Interviewing

I don't care what occupation you're in, everyone is selling something. Within HR, recruiters are the ultimate sales professionals. Recruiters are selling their expertise as consultants in the matchmaking process. They sell their top candidates to the client or hiring manager. And, let's not forget the role they play in helping companies sell themselves as a great place to work. There's a lot of selling going on throughout the hiring process.

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Potential drawbacks of an incorrect hire

Even the innovative processes of virtual recruitment will not benefit an employer if the procedures are rushed or performed incorrectly, and companies with open positions need to be aware of the consequences of poor hiring practices. There are no black-and-white answers when its comes to recruiting top talent, but there are a few steps corporations can take along the way to zero in on the best possible candidates.

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It’s been “The Year of the Candidate Experience”

As we get ready to say farewell to 2012, it’s time to sum it up and send it off with a meaningful tag. My vote is “The Year of the Candidate Experience.”  In the recruiting world, candidate experience was the catchphrase of the year.  Companies across sectors and the nation focused on the candidate’s perspective in the hiring process to improve their odds in the war for talent.  And, this phrase captures perfectly the changing relationship between candidate and potential employer in the current talent marketplace.  Attention to the candidate experience wasn’t the only trend in 2012, but it was one of the most significant in talent acquisition.

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Attract younger candidates through innovative practices

The vast population of the United States creates an incredible variety in the pool of people seeking employment. Besides previous work experience and outside factors, employers also take an applicant's age into consideration, depending on the respective position that is open.

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Don't take a break during the holiday season

As the end of December approaches, most companies take a corporate break. Although most employees aren't allowed a large amount of time off, the entire professional spectrum slows down during the final two weeks of December. Many candidates use this relaxed timeframe to scrutinize the job market for open positions, and if a human resources department remains vigilant, they can snatch up these so-called "holiday applicants."

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Interesting employment trends seen in 2012

Moore's Law is a very interesting concept - according to the concept, the "level" of sophistication of technology will double every two years. Evidence for this theory can be seen in the evolution of hard drives, laptops and even smartphones and tablets.

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Shifts predicted in the employment sector in 2013

The new year always brings unique trends and shifts to the professional world, and in the employment sector, recruiters must always be aware of even minute changes to traditional operations.

One of the biggest shifts in 2013 will be the move to virtual recruitment, and there are several aspects to this purported switch that should be carefully considered before implementation.

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When Employer Brand Comes Alive

I love this time of year. Everyone's mood seems to lift as the decorations brighten up the neighborhoods and buildings surrounding us. For my family and my neighborhood, we have the added bonus of having the "Coca-Cola house" on our block. Twice a year, this house grabs everyone’s attention: First, at Halloween, it's the house that hands out bottles of ice cold Coca-Cola during trick-or-treat. Second, shortly after Thanksgiving, it's the house that’s decorated to the hilt with a huge glowing Coca-Cola polar bear, sleigh, reindeer and all the fixings covering every inch of lawn and porch. All it takes is one glimpse to know that the person who lives here is proud to be part of the Coca-Cola team.

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Unemployment stabilizes in the United States

The economic recession that began in 2008 has had far-reaching implications across the corporate and personal spheres of the United States. The national housing market declined significantly, consumer confidence plummeted and the unemployment rate shot up to a critical level.

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New recruitment strategies in an increasingly digital world

The landscape of virtual recruitment is extraordinarily fluid and ever-changing - ever since the rise of the internet in the 1990s, potential job candidates have been turning to the online world for access to job postings, networking functions and more.

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Gender and age trends in recruitment

Ever since the economic boom caused by World War II, the employment market in the United States has seen its fair share of ups and downs. The most recent recession came in 2008, and some pundits claim that the nation is still crawling its way out of the hole it dug. However, new statistics and trends are showing that regardless of the ultimate future of the market, the entire hiring sphere is going through changes never seen before.

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Timing recruitment strategies to achieve optimal results


You've heard it before - it's all about timing. Whether through traditional methods or online interviews, talent recruitment is more effective at certain times of the week and year. Savvy HR employees know this trend, and they work on candidate engagement explicitly during these popular timeframes.

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What Skills Sets Will You Need in 2013?

During this past year, some interesting skill sets have become a higher priority for many employers.  Job-specific requirements in IT, nursing and other skill-shortage industries certainly make that list, but a lot of these are so-called “soft skills” – the kinds of abilities that are difficult to demonstrate on paper, and harder to evaluate in the hiring process. 

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Potential hiring snags associated with social media recruitment strategies

The reverberations of the advent of social media are still being felt throughout the corporate spectrum today. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become so commonplace that it is hard to imagine life without them, and for the HR professional, the latter service is seen as the future of recruitment.

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Combat upcoming worker shortages with proper practices

The economic recession that began in 2008 sparked panic across a variety of industries. Unemployment rates rose, average starting salaries decreased and other belt-tightening initiatives were developed to squeeze every penny out of the American workforce.

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December is an important month for recruiting talent

December is often seen as the month of holiday cheer and a relaxed work ethic, but in reality, this is the perfect time to find the top available industry talent before the start of the new year.

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