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Acquisition and retention programs benefit from virtual recruitment technology

Employers must develop stable work environments that aggressively promote from within and retain key performers for longer periods of time. Businesses that don't put a priority on retention could face enormous hardships down the line, as the costs associated, both monetarily and morally, are vast.

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Technology opens up a whole new world of recruiting

Social media has created an interconnected community of people on the web, all of whom have the ability to leverage services for their own personal gain. While social media was intended for personal use, marketers quickly found that sites like Facebook and Twitter hold immense powers for consumer outreach, and now HR professionals have begun to use networks in similar manners.

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Employee discontent harms some business, benefits others

Employers that have struggled to find qualified candidates in the current talent pool may be slightly encouraged by Right Management's recent poll of 760 U.S. employees. Data shows that employed professionals remain determined to continue their search for new work opportunities. This trend marks the fourth consecutive year of similar discontent.

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Making a Great First Impression - On Video Interviews

All those old sayings and adages that so colorfully decorate the English language typically emerge from a nugget of truth. When I think about the business of video interviewing, the ones that stand out are, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression" and "Don't judge a book by its cover." Sort of opposing viewpoints, aren't they?

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Hiring funnel helps identify top talent

The Conference Board published its recent consumer confidence index, which reached 73.7 points in November - its highest level in more than four and a half years. Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at The Conference Board, said in a statement that October's moderate improvement was a result of higher expectations and consumers' consistent assessments of present-day conditions.

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Bolster staff with e-commerce talent before the holiday season is over

After this past Thanksgiving weekend, employers must be rushing to hire top e-commerce talent to take advantage of online shopping trends, and new reports suggest brands should act swiftly in their employment efforts.

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Mobile attracts top talent, but it doesn't convert

Employers must keep abreast of leading trends that help guide recruitment efforts and attract top talent. The bulk of today's job seekers look for career opportunities that provide a wide array of benefits, from competitive pay to engaging work environments, and these professionals go about their research much differently than previous generations.

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What can Change Management do for Video Interviewing?

When’s the last time you said, “Wow, how did I live without this?”  I know I’ve said it recently about the content management system I use at work.  And, I say it every time I stop by one of the new self-service frozen yogurt shops near my home.  We hear many of our new clients say this too, right after implementing their video interviewing solution.  Montage is easy to adopt organizationally because we spend a lot of time modeling our implementation approach after Kotter’s well-documented steps toward change management.

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Could childhood aspirations help job seekers stand out?

Employers are faced with many challenges today, especially with a widespread talent shortage making it harder for businesses to discover potential key performers. In order to identify talent that might have the skills and experience to make an immediate impact at a company, hiring managers must try and understand the passions of top candidates.

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Time management is an increasingly important skill in 2012

The skill sets that are in demand today weren't required in the past. This creates a talent shortage, as job seekers haven't often perfected or fine tuned these skills in time to appeal to hiring managers. Therefore, HR departments must adjust their virtual recruitment efforts to identify raw potential in job seekers, and a recent survey from TrackVia suggests time management and organization may be the two most coveted characteristics among many employers.

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How recruitment practices have changed in 2012

In the height of the recession, employers were forced to make significant financial cuts in order to remain in business, and those rollbacks often affected staff members. With the national economy climbing back to where it once thrived, businesses have begun to funnel resources toward employee benefits, which could encourage job seekers to either search for the most attractive offerings or remain loyal and hold onto their current positions.

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Self-governing companies are more successful, study says

Employers that develop reputations for being desirable places to work may have greater advantages in the marketplace. In a recent HOW report, self-governing companies were defined as organizations that demonstrate a high level of trust at all levels of operation, make decisions based on established core values, inspire employees and maintain transparency. Unfortunately, only 3 percent of businesses are considered self-governed entities today.

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Video Interviewing: Speed to Hire Achieved

We hear the old saying a lot – “time kills all deals.”  Ask any professional recruiter how absolutely true that saying is when trying to hire top talent. That’s where Montage can help. Using our applications speeds along the decision making process and gives both sides confidence in extending and accepting an offer.

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Hiring in marketing and tech will be strong in 2013, experts say

There have been several reports that the U.S. economy will grow slowly in 2013, but several marketing and tech experts say that's not the message in their industries. According to Montster contributor John Rossheim, marketing employment, especially in the world of multichannel outreach and digital media solutions, is inevitable as more businesses invest in their future.

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Travel Squeeze or Freeze? Video Interviewing to the Rescue

I'm not sure how your company works during budget season but here's a common scenario: Budget what you think you'll need, and put in plenty of cushion as you will be asked to cut it back at least twice. Oh, and whatever you put into travel will be cut severely and then likely cut completely unless performance in Q1 surpasses expectations.

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Reports suggest employers will embrace technology to boost hiring in 2013

With each new month, select reports show the United States economy is in a better position today than it was last year, and among those studies is the Monster Employment Index. Recently, data from the Index showed a 3 percent annual growth in October 2012, maintaining the pace recorded in the previous month. This means that, even with a major natural disaster affecting the East Coast and a presidential election shaking the entire country, employers remained confident in the future of the United States and employed new workers.

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Are your competitors stealing your top talent?

Competition for top talent is widespread across almost every industry in the United States. Hiring Managers say it's increasingly difficult to find candidates who have the right skill sets to fill open roles, even with a relatively high percentage of Americans out of work. This trend has led employers to offer counter-offers to employees who indicate they want to explore greener pastures elsewhere at another company.

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Employee referrals help employers manage competitive healthcare industry

As hiring increases in the United States, job seekers will look for career paths that promise stability and financial security. Currently, the healthcare industry continues to remain a compelling business sector, and many of today's most in-demand job titles fall under the care services umbrella.

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Employee retention programs position companies as superior places to work

Employers in the United States have created an average of 157,000 new jobs per month in 2012, which was only enough to lower the national unemployment rate by 0.4 percent. Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor announced another drop in unemployment claims - this time by 8,000. The seasonally adjusted number of unemployment claims is stable at 355,000 in 2012, and the latest report is a positive sign that improvement will continue moving forward.

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Virtual recruitment solutions aid employers in discovering talent

The job market is increasingly more competitive as the overall outlook of the national economy strengthens. In September 2012, there were 3.6 million job openings, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - up 1.7 percent from a year ago. However, the number of hires made in September fell 5.7 percent month-over-month, and the number of separations dropped 7.6 percent.

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Video Interview Shortcut to the Right (Bilingual) Candidate

I always knew that bilingual professionals were in high demand, but some recent stats put that clearly into focus like never before. According to AMA Enterprise research, 23% of high-performing companies worldwide provide second-language training for all of their employees.  That same study found an increasing number of companies hire only multilingual candidates for management positions.  It seems that bilingual skills are becoming a higher priority for employers.

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Higher holiday sales projections lead retailers to employ new talent

As the holiday season approaches, various industries will ramp up employment efforts to take advantage of the skills that top talent have to offer. From marketing firms to retail outlets, hiring new staff members can help catapult initiatives into the public eye, which can generate sales, build brand equity and lead to a more fulfilling fourth quarter.

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Fine tune virtual recruitment efforts with analytics and bolster ROI in the process

Candidate engagement is a vital component to attracting top talent in a tough job market. Virtual recruitment solutions solidify relationships with job seekers and provide employers with a chance to speak with applicants in a personable manner. Without technologies like video interviewing, the return on investment (ROI) for each recruitment program might not be seen as swiftly.

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Is America on the verge of a surge in employment?

Over the next 12 months, job seekers hope to get back to work and make a living wage. For those Americans who live in urban environments, job gains appear to be widespread according to the latest report from the U.S. Labor Department. The source notes that 95 percent of large U.S. cities saw jobless rates fall in September 2012. In fact, unemployment rates in 355 of 372 major metro areas dropped, which is the most since April 2012.

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More jobs mean greater competition for top talent

In September 2012, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent, and the metric was met with its fair share of skepticism. Fast forward 31 days, and the latest report indicates October's unemployment rate increased slightly to 7.9 percent. The latest figures also show a net 171,000 workers were added to payrolls in October 2012, which exceeds even the most optimistic forecast in the Bloomberg survey. As a result of the uptick in payroll, stock-index rose as faster job growth led to recent gains in consumer sentiment.

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Can your company embrace co-branded job seekers?

Employee confidence is on the rise in the United States, despite Hurricane Sandy's epic path of devastation. In Randstad's October Employee Confidence Index, confidence levels increased by 1.9 points over September to 54.3 percent. October marks the second consecutive month where positive feelings toward the state of the economy, job market and future employability are up. In addition to an uptick in overall confidence, employees planning to change jobs in October rose 5 points to 37 percent, which presents a new opportunity for employers across the nation to claim top talent.

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Another Casualty of the Super Storm - Hiring Delays

What a brutal week for the Eastern United States! Mother Nature strikes again with a vengeance, disrupting everything in her path. I realize people and businesses have bigger things to worry about - like personal safety, electricity, flooding - but I can't help thinking about all those people with job interviews. There must have been tens of thousands of interviews canceled because the candidates were coming from the impacted states. And there must have been thousands more canceled because the hiring business was located in a ravaged area. I hazard an educated guess, too, that there were many thousand more canceled just as a preemptive measure. Just in case. Who wants to get stuck in the airport for hours? Or worse. Stuck driving through the wind, snow and rain?

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How to work around the talent shortage

There are several reports showing economic recovery in the United States is just around the corner, but unemployment is stuck stubbornly around 8 percent. What's more, The Staffing Stream reports approximately 49 percent of firms in the U.S. cannot find enough skilled workers to fill their available positions. This is a surprising figure since many Americans are out of work, so it's important to delve deeper into why employers can't find top talent if so many professionals remain underemployed today.

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