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Economic upticks encourage upticks in employment

There are several key indicators suggesting economic growth in the United States is improving steadily with each new quarter. U.S. real gross domestic product (GDP), for example, increased at an annual rate of 2 percent in the third quarter of 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the second quarter of 2012, real GDP increased only 1.3 percent, so the latest report comes with a sigh of relief for many Americans.

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Engaged employees can improve the candidate experience

HR departments are essential components to a thriving and growing business. In order to achieve new objectives, companies must employ top talent, and recruiters and HR managers need to identify the professionals who have the potential to make the biggest impact in the marketplace. Therefore, putting additional focus on candidate engagement and the practices used to increase the overall candidate experience should be a top priority among decision makers moving forward into 2013.

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I’ll Take This (LinkedIn Poll) “No” for An Answer

Have you ever taken one of those LinkedIn single-question polls?  They’re quick, they’re easy, and anybody can propose the question.  This one recently caught my eye: Have you ever done an interview over a video call? No, I didn’t put that one out there, but I knew the results would be interesting, and they didn’t disappoint.

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In tough job markets, people look for meaning in their work

The United States workforce continues to experience a variety of hardships, from mass layoffs to stagnant salary increases to a lack of new work opportunities in general. In fact, the number of mass layoffs - where at least 50 workers are laid off from a single environment - rose by 49 to 1,316 in September from August, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Initial claims for unemployment insurance created by layoff fell by 4,992 in September 2012 to a total of 122,462.

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A shift in focus and optimism for U.S. employers

Despite an unemployment rate below 8 percent for the first time since January 2009, an uptick in homebuilding and a housing market on the rise, business optimism fell from 50 percent in the second quarter of the year down to 19 percent in the third quarter. This decline, as noted by the Grant Thornton International Business Report, could heavily be attributed to the uncertainty many Americans have over events like the presidential election.

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America's contingent workforce considered a vital part of corporate growth

In several states, unemployment rates remain high when compared to the national metric of 7.8 percent. Nevada continues to post the highest unemployment rate among the states in September with 11.8 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While Nevada's rate remains high, the latest reading is well below the 12.1 percent noted in August 2012 and a full 1.8 percent below the 13.6 percent rate recorded in September 2011.

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Top engineer talent remains hard to find

New reports suggest that hiring will improve in the fourth quarter of 2012. According to a survey conducted by Express Employment, approximately one-third of employers plan to hire new staff members for commercial and industrial jobs next quarter, while 14 percent revealed that they would add new administrative professionals.

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Change how you approach top talent to improve hiring metrics

The United States economy is hovering around a slow growth trend. According to new data from The Conference Board, the economic index increased 0.6 percent in September to a reading of 95.9 points, which follows a 0.4 percent decline in August 2012 and a 0.4 percent increase in July 2012.

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The complexities of today's job market revealed

Last month, news that the unemployment rate had dipped below 8 percent brought hope back into the lives of many job seekers. While the employment market remains competitive, complex and timid, more people found work, and the promise of additional jobs in the near future was a welcome sign for many Americans.

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IT employment set to skyrocket in 2013

Certain industries in the United States have seen extreme growth over the course of 2012, despite only moderate job growth nationwide. Information Technology (IT), for example, is a beacon of hope in the professional world, as the career option expanded this year. However, the number of IT jobs created in September took a downturn after a year of regular month-over-month growth.

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Mobile technology helps employers take advantage of moderate job growth

Despite the criticism the United States government is receiving due to the lack of jobs created in the past four years, increasing employment levels bode well for the average American. TriNet's SMBeat report, an analysis of small business trends, noted that employment levels increased by 1.05 percent in September 2012 - up from the 0.51 percent growth reported in August 2012.

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The Trend is Adoption in Video Interviewing

The HR Tech Conference was all the buzz last week in Chicago. Montage’s sales and leadership teams were there taking in the scene, connecting with partners and clients, and cultivating new ones.

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Candidate engagement attracts and retains new employees

Research shows that new hires are extremely sensitive, and that employers have a small window of opportunity to retain their loyalty. Recruitingtrends contributor Patrick Ropella says that 27 percent of people who leave an organization do so within the first 90 days of employment, and 50 percent of workers resign within the first year.

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Record number of jobs filled in September may encourage resignation among top talent

Job growth in the United States fluctuates each month, with conflicting reports citing various issues in the nation's economic outlook. Recently, job openings in the U.S. dropped from 3.88 million in July 2012 to 3.56 million in August 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. In addition, employers advertised fewer jobs in August, but filled the highest number of positions in the past three months. According to the Department of Labor, available jobs have risen more than 60 percent since the recession ended in 2009.

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Virtual recruitment and social media improve interview practices

Businesses may be in a better position to employ new talent as 2012 progresses and economic trends transition into the new year. The national unemployment rate dipped below 8 percent in September 2012, and housing market data highlights a slowly improving market. In order to take advantage of a more stable job market, HR managers must implement new technologies to assist in their recruitment efforts.

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Employed talent are active job seekers

The job market in the United States took a positive turn in September 2012 when the national unemployment rate dropped below 8 percent. Job creation and an overall better economic outlook have encouraged professionals to look around for new work opportunities. According to a new study by CareerBuilder and Inavero, 69 percent of full-time workers report that they regularly search for new jobs and 30 percent of survey respondents conduct job searches on a weekly basis.

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Wade through the talent pool and identify the top prospects online

When you are able to attract top talent to your company, you're better able to achieve success. Hiring the right candidate to fill an open role can bring a plethora of new skill sets into the workplace, and giving the new employee the chance to influence future projects will help make sure the final outcome is well rounded. However, a recent SHL Talent Report says finding top talent is extremely difficult, not because recruiting solutions aren't readily available, but because qualified professionals who embody leadership qualities are rare in the United States.

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Fast-track Holiday Hiring with Video Interviewing

It’s that holiday hiring time of year already, and projections for Q4 2012 are looking bright and cheery.   Job portal Snagajob reports that 63% of hiring managers plan to add seasonal workers this year, up from 51% in 2011.  And Forbes announced that major retailers plan to add 700,000 temporary jobs for the holiday shopping season. Job candidates, wow us with your customer service zeal!

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How does employee confidence affect recruitment?

The best way to sell the idea of switching jobs and joining a new workforce is through superior candidate engagement, and virtual recruitment solutions can help hiring managers convey the benefits of a workplace environment.

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Unemployment drops to 7.8 percent - workers are in demand

The unemployment rate dropped to a near four-year low of 7.8 percent in September 2012. The Labor Department announced that the latest unemployment reading is the lowest since January 2009 and that employers added 114,000 workers to their payrolls over the last month.

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How you can take advantage of job creation

Job creation in the United States continues to improve. Two days before the U.S. government is to release its latest official estimate of September's job growth and employment, payroll processor ADP says the economy added 162,000 private sector non-farm jobs last month. The company notes that most of these new positions came from businesses with fewer than 500 employees. Economists expected the ADP number to be closer to 150,000 jobs.

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What keeps American employees engaged?

Employers allocate a significant amount of resources toward candidate engagement. The implementation of sourcing solutions like virtual recruitment technology can help companies attract top talent, and video interviewing gives HR managers the opportunity to communicate competitive advantage to job seekers. Without the two recruitment solutions, it's much harder to employ top talent today, and even more difficult to keep those candidates involved.

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Hey, Introvert, It's Candid Camera Time!

I recently enjoyed a talk by Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, and came to the surprising conclusion that the world is made up of a predominance of introverts. Even in a room of 3,000 marketing professionals, more than 50% identified themselves as more introverted than extroverted. 

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Turnover can help adjust virtual recruitment efforts

A distinguishable brand is a valuable asset for a company to have. When consumers, clients and job seekers can recognize a business from its reputation in the marketplace, its logo and its design features, the organization increases its chances of leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

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How are HR departments attracting top talent today?

Much can be said about the competition for jobs in the United States. Employers say there is a talent shortage, but unfavorable numbers point toward a decline in available positions nationwide. Either way, companies plan to hire for the remainder of 2012 and many more organizations expect to implement new talent acquisition resources to assist in their efforts.

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Your Reputation Really CAN Win You the War for Talent

What’s in a name?  More than you might think.  New research reveals that corporate reputation has significant power to attract (and repel) job candidates.  According to a
September 2012 corporate reputation survey conducted by Corporate Responsibility Magazine in conjunction with AllegisTalent2,

  • 75% of Americans would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed, and
  • 87% would consider leaving their current job if offered another role with a company that had an excellent corporate reputation.  In fact, most people would require a less-than-10% salary increase to consider the move.
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What employment trends will affect the remainder of 2012?

Finding the right professional to fill an open job can have a significant impact on the future productivity of an office. However, many of America's CEOs don't plan to look for top talent moving forward, despite positive economic upticks and a more stable real estate market.

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The U.S. auto industry wants you

Recently, General Motors said that it plans to move IT from an external function to an internal operation. According to Wanted Analytics, GM will open four technology centers in an effort to create more innovation and speed up production efforts. Of course, the auto industry looks much different today than it did several decades ago. With eco-friendly solutions a key objective for many auto companies, talented minds are highly sought after for their thought-leadership.

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Workforce strategies prove essential for thriving businesses

Winning top talent continues to become harder even with newly created jobs each month. In order to remain competitive, HR department managers need to develop a human capital strategy for organizational growth.

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Look beyond experience to spark creativity in your workplace

As you begin planning for the holiday season and 2013, you inevitably need to consider employing new professionals to fill employment gaps or bolster specific departments. The job market is competitive, and when you open up the floodgates and request applications from top talent, you'll receive a plethora of resumes from a wide array of candidates. It's important you understand how to weed through these professionals and separate the quality job seekers from the average-at-best.

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