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Employee wellness programs may attract top talent

The shortage of talented professionals in the United States has encouraged many organizations to rethink how they approach employee acquisition and retention. When hiring managers can instill a superior impression of their companies through a high-quality candidate experience in the first interview, these professionals go a long way toward attracting qualified workers. Because hiring requires a stellar employer brand in today's competitive job market, it's important to remember all of the incentive programs that may help improve the overall recruitment experience.

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Employee retention starts at employee acquisition

It has become even harder to attract top talent with the shortage of creative and innovative professionals seen across all industry sectors. Many of the more qualified workers already hold positions at successful companies, and hiring managers who want to appeal to those prospective new hires need to come prepared to court and sway top talent into switching career paths. While it might seem difficult to pull a candidate away from a stable position, recent statistics show that workers are continuously considering new opportunities.

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You can't wait around for talent to find you

There is a war raging for top talent, but who is winning the battle? The answer may be the job seeker, as paradigm shifts in recruitment and advancements in technology have switched the playing field around. Even with new research from Aon Hewitt showing workers in the United States can expect an increase in salaries of 2.8 percent in 2012, swaying the decisions of passive job seekers is difficult.

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Passive candidates may be swayed to switch positions through Montage View

In the United States, some industries are experiencing signs of growth more than others, but those same business sectors are finding it harder to fill open positions. Wanted Analytics reports that there are more physical therapist jobs advertised online than any other job in health care, but there isn't an equal number of job seekers looking to fill those roles.

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Most companies don't use mobile in their recruitment. Do you?

The way you go about recruitment may soon be much different, as job seekers continue to use their mobile devices when looking for work. However, according to Ed Newman, the new Vice President of strategy at iMomentous, many companies are missing out on opportunities to use mobile devices in their recruitment practices.

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Millennials may be perfect matches for your entry-level roles

When looking to fill new positions, you want to attract and appeal to top talent - but who you may perceive as an appropriate match may vary from position to position. If you have a lower-level opening, you still want to make sure you find the right candidate, and there is likely a Millennial job seeker perfect for the task. With more Americans retiring than ever before, it may be worthwhile to consider younger candidates for new additions to your professional team.

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Don't be afraid to look within when recruiting top talent

As a hiring manager, you are assigned the task of filling open positions at your company, but is it worthwhile to look internally for qualified candidates, or is top talent solely an external asset? There hasn't been a significant amount of research to sway managers one way or the other, but in March 2012, Matthew Bidwell from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School tackled the idea, and his results were eye-opening.

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Montage Publishes Job Candidate Research

Earlier this year, we blogged about non-profit research group the Talent Board’s first-ever report on candidates’ evaluation of their experience during the hiring process.  In a nutshell, companies are doing well with some parts of the process; in other areas there’s room for improvement.

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Make sure you have the right talent acquisition resources in place

If you have recently posted open positions to a variety of job boards, you need to make sure you are marketing your vacancies effectively. Failing to promote your brand as an exciting and welcoming place to work won't attract top talent, and you'll be left sifting through applicants looking for the best fit. There are talent acquisition resources you can take advantage of when recruiting qualified professionals, and solutions like video interviewing may be a wanted addition to your practice.

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Emotional intelligence may be a sign that a candidate is the right hire for your company

The hiring process is arduous enough, but the shortage of talent has made it even more taxing. When you post a job opening on a popular website, you are likely to receive a plethora of resumes, all of which look the same. While you can delve deeper into each submission and look for variations in how candidates brand themselves, you might want to use virtual recruitment solutions to speed up the process. However, even video interviewing may leave you at a loss on who to hire, if you don't know what exactly you are looking for in a professional.

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Are U.S. employers unwilling to invest in employee training programs?

Employment trends in certain niche industry sectors highlight the growing gap between available jobs and qualified professionals.'s Employment report for August 2012 found that over 163,000 jobs were created in July 2012, but employment didn't align with the growth seen.

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Recruitment solutions help hiring managers find the right candidates

Technology has changed how job seekers apply for open positions and how hiring managers market those roles. Through online job boards and social media, applying for work can be as easy as clicking a mouse. However, this evolution in employment has overwhelmed recruiters and hiring managers, with a high volume of resumes pouring in daily.

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Poor employer brand management affects all aspects of your company

As a hiring manager, you often spend your timing cultivating a rich employer brand that attracts the top talent. To build a strong workforce, you need to interest qualified candidates, and your marketing can play a big role in your success. However, it's also important to consider the experiences of those candidates who are not offered positions at your company, as new research suggests they may also influence your ability to attract and employ skilled professionals.

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The impact of a single, great hire is immense

In a recent article from ERE, the problems of using poor or inaccurate hiring processes were defined in great detail. Author Dr. Wendell Williams wrote that if a hiring manager works from a job description that is not correctly defined, sends multiple candidates to the hiring manager only to hear complaints from him or her later on, and turnover remains consistently too high, it becomes evident that he or she is doing something wrong. The primary goal of recruiting should not just be to fill every position at a low cost. If 80 percent of your salespeople produce 20 percent of your sales, losses will be extensive and your company will struggle to remain afloat.

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Technology has made talent acquisition easier to manage

The job market in the United States saw a welcome employment uptick in July 2012. Non-farm payrolls rose more than most economists expected with 163,000 jobs created across most industry sectors. While the unemployment rate increased slightly to 8.3 percent, many Americans are confident in the market providing a more diverse selection of job postings in the coming months.

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Communication plays an influential role in recruitment

In the professional world, companies need to develop talent pipelines that regularly cultivate superior employees. Without a stellar training and recruiting program in place, it can be difficult to build a strong workforce. Therefore, while recruitment is an essential part of running a business, there needs to be supplementary processes in place to improve internal communication between all departments.

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Avoid the talent war by getting to candidates first

In the United States, the job market is going through an evolution, the likes of which has yet to be seen in this nation before. Recruiting Trends reports the reality is that nearly 10,000 professionals retire every week in the United States, and this creates significant problems for American businesses that want to remain competitive.

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Understanding your organizational culture can build a solid candidate pipeline

The resources you allocate toward recruitment are under the microscope. Spending unproductive amounts of money on targeting, interviewing, processing, on boarding and training can prevent your business from remaining efficient and competitive. Therefore, you need to implement a plan to attract the right employees, but it's imperative you know who your ideal candidates are before you begin your search.

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Can job recruitment sessions help employers attract high-quality talent?

The job market is a competitive space, as employers often seek qualified applicants who can make an immediate difference. It's rarely acceptable for candidates to gradually become acclimated with a position. This desire for top-notch applicants has led many companies to conduct extensive searches.

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Montage Video Interviewing: Built for RPO

One message resonates over and over with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) clients: they are so particular and exacting in their review of video interviewing platforms because the price of a mistake is so high. The cost of a bloated travel budget, time wasted during disappointing interviews, and hiring mistakes is obvious and contained. What’s not obvious - and what can build a reinforcing negative feedback loop - is the cost of a robotic or impersonal hiring process used for clients whose employer brand suffers with just one bad candidate experience. A negative candidate experience can have a multiplier effect on a client's employer value proposition.

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Is financial pressure a key factor in the job marketplace?

Employers frequently seek top talent using a variety of online strategies, and tools like social media and web-based job search engines might help businesses attract highly qualified applicants.

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Is there a talent gap or a lack of faith in job seekers?

In today's business world, many corporations are crying out for talent. These businesses claim there is a skills gap and it's preventing them from improving workplace productivity. However, there are other professionals who believe the talent gap is not a problem created by job seekers, but by employers who develop overly strict and unattainable expectations in their employment process.

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Are their benefits to speaking with passive candidates?

Attracting top talent requires strategy in today's marketplace. The companies that want a stacked team of professionals need to convey the advantages of jumping on board and becoming an employee, which is often much harder when top-tier candidates already hold positions elsewhere. Of course, this doesn't mean recruitment efforts don't resonate with talent already employed by other organizations. In fact, there is significant value in reaching out to these professionals and starting conversations with them, according to online recruitment publication ERE.

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An action plan helps smooth over the recruitment process

The job market has evolved into a candidate-driven space. Competition for top talent is rife and hiring authorities need to understand that time is critical to employing the best and the brightest professionals.

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Make sure you hire employees with proven ability to collaborate

If you take a walking tour between many of the newer technology-based companies and creative businesses across the United States, you'll discover that many of these establishments have removed the box cubicles from their floor plans. Cubicles can prevent collaborative efforts and hinder creativity in some industries, and many office managers have sought for better solutions to improve innovation.

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Live Video Interviewing Goes Mobile with Montage

mobile video interviewMontage Interview, our live video interview solution, has gone mobile! We launched our new app for any device – phone or tablet – operating with iOS (Apple) and Android systems. Candidates connect for the interview with a one-time download of the free app (available through the app store or Google play.) Read our press release.

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The employer brand can help improve candidate engagement from start to finish

Talent has the potential to position a business above its competition, which is why so many organizations regularly search for and employ professionals with the most desirable skills. However, finding those workers can be difficult today, especially with such a high volume of Americans vying for work.

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Talent acquisition resources help improve recruitment efforts

A business may have several open positions, and while it wants to fill those spots quickly, the company needs to approach talent acquisition cautiously. Employing the wrong professionals for specific jobs can have serious consequences, which is why talent acquisition resources need to be implemented in each step of the recruitment process.

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Recruitment best practices continue to evolve as technology improves

The internet has evolved at an impressive pace. There is no doubt that the web greatly influenced how recruiters market open positions and find top talent, but the techniques used only a few years ago are nearly obsolete today. The growth of the internet led to a concurrent rise in the amount of clutter and noise obscuring useful communications. In order for recruiters to find qualified professionals, they need to target messages to reach key demographics and manage their hiring campaigns in real time.

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Video Interviewing Can Increase Everyone's Comfort Level

Everyone likes to know what to expect. It puts us more at ease, especially in situations that are new to us. And, whether you’re a job candidate, recruiter or hiring manager, reaching a mutual level of comfort is vital to smart hiring.

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Recruiters look to build multinational teams to improve global expansion

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, international expansion is essential for sustained growth in the marketplace. Research from Maxis Global Benefits Network shows that one in three multinationals expect 70 percent or more of revenue to come from international markets in the next five years, which makes recruiting top talent even more important today. The Maxis data also notes that 60 percent of CEOs fear that staffing and recruitment issues will impact their global success.

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Recruitment technology may bring your talent acquisition practices up to speed

Every company has its own recruiting challenges that it must overcome to remain operational. These hardships vary greatly between organizations, but both large corporations and new startup companies struggle with finding and employing top talent today. As a recruiter, you need to utilize talent acquisition resources to find job seekers who can make a difference in your workforce. However, the search is often the hardest part of recruitment, so it's important you understand how to evaluate your employment process and implement new practices.

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Create unique competitive advantages to attract top talent

As an employer, you might spend the bulk of your time conceptualizing ways to increase your profit margins, without wasting excessive resources. While this task is essential for managing a business, you should also focus on the type of employer brand you've built organically. If you look at how you recruit employees and treat the workers already on board, do you see a happy crew? Unless you're one of the few American employers investing in wellness programs and planning to increase salaries in 2013 by more than 3 percent, you need to work even harder to create a unique reputation for your company. Without competitive advantages, top talent may not be encouraged to join your team.

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Video interviewing makes recruitment easier for businesses

When you have open positions in your office, you want those spots filled quickly. Failing to find the appropriate candidates in a timely manner can affect workplace productivity, but you want to be careful throughout the recruitment process. While employment gaps can put companies in a financial bind, it's not wise to rush through interviews, as you might bring the wrong professional on board.

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