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Why do candidates apply for jobs?

As a hiring manager or recruitment professional, what do you think is the number one reason a job seeker applies for a position at your company? Most would likely say that it's because of the salary they will receive for their role. However, salary may not be the number one aspect that attracts the top talent to an organization - in fact, it may not even be one of the top factors.

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Top three myths about attracting and engaging the top talent

Even in a difficult job market, it's important that your company be prepared to deliver a quality candidate experience in order to attract and engage top talent. Some organizations are under the impression that applicants are lining up outside their doors waiting to be hired, and that it doesn't really matter if job seekers are acknowledged or how recruitment is perceived. However, recruitment and the candidate experience have a major impact on your company's success.

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Are qualified candidates getting lost in the masses?

The number of resumes one job posting can attract can be within the thousands for some companies. This influx of applicants can leave recruiters and hiring managers feeling overwhelmed and unable to search and successfully find the perfect candidate.

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Video Enabled Talent Acquisition: A Recruiter Tells All

Dane Doty is staffing manager for Blue Bunny, the third largest ice cream producer in the U.S. and a fast-growing company of 2,500 employees.  Blue Bunny recruits nationwide, and over the last seven years, Dane and his staff have relocated more than 250 new hires and their families to the company’s headquarters in Le Mars, Iowa.  Dane and I recently talked about his experience with video interviewing technology in talent acquisition.

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Could an application job description limit your talent pool?

If your company is like many, when the human resources manager posts a job on a talent board or hires a recruiter to find qualified applicants, you often have a skills requirement and job specifications list that seems to span for pages. While providing a detailed list of what you're looking for in a candidate can be helpful for the recruiter and job-seeker, Talent Management Magazine states that it could actually be causing you to miss out on some really talented applicants.

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Is candidate experience hurting your brand?

Recruitment is one of the most difficult processes an organization handles. Human resources professionals and hiring directors are responsible for sorting through hundreds or even thousands of job applicants in order to find that one who is qualified and well-suited for the position. However, it's important that your company provides a good candidate experience to all job-seekers - because otherwise you could hurt your brand.

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How does video interviewing help the candidate?

Video interviewing is a great way to immediately connect with candidates, saving your company time and money by eliminating scheduling conflicts and the need to rack up travel expenses. Furthermore, it ensures your company is delivering the right candidate experience and positively influencing the perception of your brand.

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Using Montage solutions to improve your candidate experience

If your company decides to utilize video interviewing as a way to connect with candidates immediately, and save the time it would take to schedule traditional interviews,  it's still important to provide a good experience for candidates. The competitive job market requires you to show applicants the professionalism of your organization as well as your inviting and positive company culture. A candidate must be able to see himself or herself as part of the team, comfortable enough to contribute to the success of the company.

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Top five ways to improve your candidate experience

There are several other ways to perfect your candidate experience. Take a look at some of these top tips and try implementing them into your hiring process. Whether you hire the candidate or not, let them walk away from your company impressed with your innovative spirit and professionalism.

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Why is the employer brand important?

You want your clients and competitors to associate your brand with the forward-thinking, innovative nature of your company. This is referred to as the external or consumer brand - a combination of what you stand for as a company and represent as a product or service. Whether you're promising your customers the most compelling marketing strategy or the most delicious hamburger, your ability to deliver on this promise defines your external brand. However, your internal brand, or employer brand, is how people perceive your company as a place to work. Either through first-hand experience or through reputation, people have a perception of the employer brand and this perception can impact and erode the consumer brand over time.

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Montage Interview is Built to Stream Rich Media Efficiently

Security and bandwidth.   They’re the two top priorities when it comes to IT concerns about new computing technology in the corporate environment.   The good news is this: If you’re thinking about video enabled talent acquisition with Montage, no worries!  Every aspect of our solution will put your IT department at ease.  In my last blog, I touched on Montage’s security features.  Now, let’s address bandwidth.

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Authenticity in the Candidate Experience

During Montage's recent webcast broadcast by Human Capital Institute (available for download by clicking here), we explored a nuance of the candidate experience that really struck a chord with me.

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How does your company treat unsuccessful candidates?

It's no secret that hiring is one of the most time-consuming processes for any company. For any one position, an organization might get hundreds of applicants, with only a fraction of candidates having the skills or experience necessary for the position. Video interviewing can make this easier, decreasing scheduling conflicts and helping a company cut down on the time it take to fill a position.

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Register for the Candidate Experience Awards competition

Your company does its best to provide a quality candidate experience to applicants. You might do this by using Montage solutions like video interviewing to fully engage with potential employees, and your human resources staff may display a professional yet personable attitude toward applicants during virtual recruitment and other steps of the hiring process.

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The candidate experience and video interviewing

Did you know that your candidate experience says a lot about your organization? You may be under the impression that during the hiring process, applicants are largely there to impress you and show why they are qualified for the job. While this is true to a certain extent, it's important to realize that in order to gain an edge over the competition, you should fully engage with your candidates and provide a good impression of your organization.

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Video interview makes your job easier

The success of your company largely depends on the talent it can attract and hire. Without the right job candidates, the position may not be filled by the best person or it might not get filled at all. This is why hiring is one of the most crucial processes for any company. The problem is it can also be one of the most complicated and time consuming.

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Avoid This Recruiting Video Mistake

In her recent blog, "Employment Branding: Recruiting Videos That Do It Right," Jennifer King reveals the biggest mistake with recruiting videos –their lack of authenticity.    Here at Montage, we’re of the same mind.  Video is such a great way to make a personal connection –when it comes to recruiting your future Employee(s) of the Month, why not use it to maximum advantage?

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Improving your candidate experience

Whether your company's hiring process consists mostly of video interviewing or traditional in-house interviews, it's important that you provide a good experience for candidates. Attracting the top talent to your business and ensuring your ability to fill positions with the most qualified people requires showing candidates professionalism and showcasing an inviting company culture.

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Video interviewing is here to stay

Virtual interviewing has picked up steam over the last five or so years. At first, employers, recruiters and other human resources professionals were a bit skeptical about how effective the method would be when compared to traditional face-to-face interviews, and if a digital meeting could replace a real handshake.

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What are the benefits of video interviewing?

If your company is considering Montage solutions, this could be a great way to attract top talent and show others you value cutting edge technology. Montage View allows a candidate to record an interview on his or her own time and send it to the company for a hiring committee to review. There are many benefits associated with implementing video interviewing into your hiring process, so consider this list of key advantages to learn more.

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Eliminate scheduling problems with video interviewing

Thanks to video interviewing, companies no longer have to worry about losing qualified applications due to distance or scheduling conflicts. Now anyone can be contacted in minutes, from any location - making the interview process more convenient and seamless.

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Use Montage View to create a recruitment video

As your company works to discover and attract top talent through video interviewing solutions, your brand image is the first and main impression a candidate has of your organization. Virtual recruitment can place your business in a positive light throughout the hiring process as applicants will see that you value innovative technology, and because interviews provide the opportunity to meet potential employees face-to-face, your organization can convey its professionalism and company culture. 

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Virtual interviewing solutions for medical schools

The majority of medical schools now require potential students to come on campus for an interview, but when a candidate is unavailable, schools may benefit from using digital interviewing. Not only will these solutions keep excellent candidates eligible for admission no matter where they live, they can also offer immediate results.

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More employers are using video interviewing

The number of companies using video interviewing is steadily increasing, as the technology allows businesses to engage with top-notch candidates no matter where they are located. According to a recent report by the Orlando Sentinel, more employers are turning toward video interviewing services such as Montage to determine if job applicants are suitable for open positions.

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