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What to include in a video interview scorecard

With virtual interviews, employers can assess the skills of talented individuals from across the globe with a few simple clicks. Companies may choose to further improve their hiring metrics by developing scorecards to evaluate candidates' performances during video interviews.

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Why video interviews are a two-way street

Video interviewing provides benefits to both employers and job candidates, and each party should recognize how the solution serves their needs.

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Top 3 difficult video interview questions

When job candidates are evaluated during virtual interviews, employers may ask a series of tough questions to get an in-depth view of an applicant's work experience. How candidates reply to these queries could have a dramatic impact on an organization's hiring decisions.

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Top 3 open-ended questions to ask during video interviews

Virtual interviews allow employers to ask general, open-ended questions to job candidates. These help companies gain insight into information an applicant has already provided, and may prove valuable during the hiring process.

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Help make job candidates comfortable

Virtual interviews can be an intimidating experience, particularly to first-time participants. Employers who take the necessary time can avoid common blunders that may occur during these interactions.

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How video interviewing eliminates the hiring guesswork

Finding top-level talent that matches an organization's mission and values is a common challenge for employers, and video interviews help solve this problem.

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The importance of active listening during video interviews

While video interviews might seem different from typical interactions with job candidates, they provide employers the opportunity to deliver an enhanced experience to applicants. Candidates could gain valuable insight about an organization that effectively handles video interviewing, which could influence their consideration of an offer.

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Phone interviews versus video interactions

Virtual interviewing might be considered the future, but many companies continue to use telephones in their initial interactions with job candidates. However, while a phone interview is a comfortable, inexpensive way to interact with applicants, it limits the connection between this individual and a potential employer.

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How can an employer improve its video interviewing experiences?

Video interviewing serves the needs of employers and job candidates - offering an innovative solution that allows for face-to-face interactions over a secure internet connection. It is a valuable investment to companies, and organizations will want to consider every factor that could impact the interview experience. 

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Put Your IT Department At Ease with Montage

Corporate networks and the IT departments that run them vary widely.  Here at Montage, we’ve worked with global institutions with completely locked-down networks and home offices with off-the-shelf routers.  If your intention to use video interviewing technology raises a red flag, the best way to put your IT department at ease is to choose a video interviewing solution built with your corporate network in mind, like Montage.

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What is considered "good" business etiquette during virtual interviews?

Good business etiquette could impact job candidates and employers alike during video interviews. Company members often use interviews to make a positive impression about their businesses, and failing to showcase professional behaviors and habits may influence a candidate's decision regarding career opportunities with an organization.

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How can employers display professionalism during video interviews?

While video interviewing features technology that is new to many professionals, Montage solutions are easy to use in any work environment. Completing virtual interviews is no different than conducting in-person conversations. An employer who treats job candidates the same way he or she would during a face-to-face meeting receives a unique opportunity - to find talented individuals who can fill specific needs in their organization.

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The importance of nonverbal communication in video interviews

Video interviewing might appear challenging at first, but Montage solutions take the guesswork out of virtual interactions between employers and job candidates. With Montage, businesses can connect with candidates in an environment that promotes an open discussion between parties.

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Video interviewing offers an open space solution

More businesses are taking their operations outside the cubicle, and they might notice significant differences if they use virtual interviewing. Not only will these solutions deliver immediate results, but they promote open space work environments.

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How video interviewing can help businesses go global

It takes a team effort for an organization to become a global enterprise, and using a solution like video interviewing can help a business get momentum going in the right direction. While many American corporations face challenges in the present economic climate, they could enhance their operations with Montage solutions.

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Reducing travel costs a key driver for investment in video interviewing

American corporations looking to attract high-quality talent at an affordable cost should consider video interviewing software for a variety of reasons. It can effectively serve the needs of companies, giving them a tool to attract high-quality job candidates.

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Class of 2012 enters job market

Video interviewing is an ideal option that allows young business professionals to showcase their educational background and personality in a comfortable environment. This technology makes collaboration between candidates and employers simple, providing flexible, instant communications between parties that might be thousands of miles apart.


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What is the value of video in recruitment?

With video interviewing, corporations can reach a vast selection of job candidates. However, finding the best way to attract these candidates can prove challenging, even to tech-savvy hiring managers. Understanding the benefits of video interviews can make a substantial difference during the candidate attraction process.

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Increase in video interviewing by bosses

Video interviewing is becoming more popular for employers because it gives them the opportunity to evaluate job candidates across the globe. While the solution might have seemed far-fetched to some organizations in the past, it has quickly gained momentum as a reliable option in the 21st century.

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Video Interviewing for College & University Recruiting


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Report shows outdated interviewing processes may cost companies time

Video interviewing enhances a company's candidate engagement, making it quick and easy for job seekers to interact with major corporations worldwide. With a few clicks, employers and job seekers can connect in a secure online environment.

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Offer video interviews to overseas job candidates

Video interviewing has become a viable option for American corporations that often strive to attract top talent across the globe. American corporations may need to expand their job searches, yet could struggle to deliver a personalized experience during each candidate interaction. Applicants who complete interviews over the phone might feel distant, both literally and figuratively, when dealing with companies.

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Can video interviewing replace a handshake?

Top-of-the-line video interviewing software ensures personalized experiences that benefit both applicants and employers. Technology advancements like these can be easily integrated across organizations to improve their interactions with job candidates.

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The Webcast You Won’t Want to Miss

Every so often an hour invested in learning pays off big!  One of those hours is coming up on June 6, when the Human Capital Institute (HCI) webcasts  Go Virtual? YES! And Create a More Authentic Candidate Experience.

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The power of employee referrals

Employee referrals can play a critical role in recruiting talent to an organization, and many businesses are taking full advantage of such opportunities. According to, referral candidates are five times more likely to get hired because they have been prescreened by current employees. Companies that place a high value on referrals could achieve greater success, as these businesses will have access to a pool of top-notch candidates.

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Workplace culture plays role in job candidates' decisions

More companies are emphasizing the importance of a professional culture that promotes employee growth and development. Not only does this allow organizations to keep current employees happy, but it also helps recruiters attract new talent.

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Redefine the candidate experience with virtual recruitment

There is tremendous value with an investment in video interviewing, which has been displayed in a recent study by the Aberdeen Group. Between January and February 2012, the research firm investigated the value of virtual interviews, and discovered this technology could help organizations cut costs, improve efficiency and standardize processes.

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Video interviewing a must for Fortune 500 companies

A corporation must possess top-notch talent to earn a coveted spot on the Fortune 500 List, an annual compilation of America's largest corporations. According to CNN Money, Exxon Mobil overtook Wal-Mart Stores for the top spot on the most recent installment of this list with its reported revenues of $452.9 billion in 2011, the news source notes.

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“E” is for Video Interviewing

Through national research and our own experience, we know there’s been a big uptick in the number of companies using video interviewing this past year.   And we know why: Video interviewing is efficient, economical and extremely effective in extending recruitment reach to a wider talent pool.    At Montage, there’s another “e” we like to emphasize: Engagement. When you use video interviewing, you offer an exceptional experience to your candidates and engage them in a unique two-way dialog.

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HCI Conference: Make Your Connection Better

Human Capital Institute put on an outstanding Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference in New York this week.  As a person who frequently attends conferences that attract 12,000+ attendees, this was a refreshing change of pace with people focused on the same business issues and actually coming together to solve problems instead of grabbing cheap promotional items!

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