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Global Video Recruitment: Get Your “A” Candidate from Timbuktu

Cross-ocean interviews are on the rise as our clients seek their “A” candidates all over the world.   They’re using virtual recruitment in so many ways: for candidates coming to the U.S., with candidates for local positions in other countries, and with current employees based outside the U.S. who are interested in changing jobs. 

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Candidate Experience Counts

Talented job seekers are fed up with disjointed, impersonal hiring processes. Long, drawn out timelines or companies that clearly treat candidates like a nuisance are creating image problems. Those problems impact not only job seekers but the consumers of the companies' products and services too. Employer brand perception is just as important as consumer brand perception. You need both to compete and thrive. Montage video interviewing solutions help create an excellent candidate experience.

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Let Me Answer That: Top Questions About Video Interviewing

I’ve found my perfect job.  As Montage’s product consultant, my day involves teaching new clients the nuts and bolts of our video interviewing application.  Though you might think people are weary of learning new technology to stay ahead of the curve at work, the fact is almost everyone who participates in Montage’s training is truly excited about what video interviewing can do for talent acquisition. 

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