Finders Keepers: How Top Workplaces Drive Engagement & Loyalty

Are Top Workplace Award-winning organizations better at finding and keeping employees? Yes, they really are, according to survey data. Thousands of employees at participating companies take the anonymous survey each year, and over 13 years, Energage has collected the voices of 19 million. Award-winning organizations are It all boils down to employee engagement. At companies... read more

Should Virtual Career Fairs Be Part of Your Recruiting Strategy?

Large organizations with high employer brand cred are often the early adopters of innovative recruiting strategies. Lately, Google, Amazon, IBM and others have been in the news for their participation in virtual career fairs, which may signal  a new best practice on the horizon. Could virtual career fairs bring a stream of qualified candidates into... read more

Recruiting for Gen Z Candidates and Their Strengths #NACE2019

NACE 2019

What recruiting strategies are most effective for engaging Gen Z? There was a lot of buzz on this topic at the #NACE2019 Conference & Expo, where college recruiters and university career services professionals met to talk and learn about the student-to-candidate transition. It’s clear that employers will need to adjust their hiring process and experience... read more