Do Candidates Like Video Interviewing?

Do Candidates Like Video Interviewing?

Candidates are being asked to participate in video interviews as organizations in many industries adopt the technology for hiring. Use of video interviewing solutions is changing the hiring experience for candidates. They may be asked to participate in a live interview via video, or record their answers to a set of video, voice-only or text... read more

5 Things the NFL Draft and Recruiting Have in Common

The NFL Draft gets national attention. Today, football fans across the country are tuning in for the latest draft choices. However, all the pageantry disguises what the draft really is: The world’s most scrutinized, most transparent hiring event. From scouting, to the combine to the actual draft itself, the NFL Draft is its own job... read more

Offboarding That Supports Your Employer Brand

Exit Interviews and Your Employer Brand

Turnover happens in every organization, but don’t underestimate the power of exiting employees’ influence and the impact it has on your employer brand. Employees will share their impressions of your organization with their inner circle and beyond – hello, with its 48 million users. In fact, in those final moments you might get the... read more

What is Video Interviewing?

What is video interviewing

Video interviewing enables talent acquisition teams to use digital technology for job candidate interviews. Though some companies use video conferencing or free chat tools, large enterprise organizations use purpose-built technologies to improve speed to hire, increase recruiter efficiency and engage candidates faster. Video interviewing is a top-five recruiting technology investment in 2018.1 Types of Video... read more

Reinvent Your Interview Process and See Results

Reinventing the interview

Across the globe, TA teams are doing interviews differently. “Reinventing the interview process” was identified as a top hiring trend in LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 report, and recruiters are changing more than just questions. According to the report, traditional interviews are failing both candidates and employers on many fronts. We’ve rounded up some innovative... read more