NAHCR: New Ways to Beat Old Problems in Healthcare Hiring

So much is changing in healthcare, and yet when it comes to recruiting, the talent shortage continues to dictate the way so much of how hiring happens. We’re looking forward to the National Association for Health Care Recruitment’s (NAHCR) 2017 IMAGE Conference July 11-14 as a source of new ideas for combatting this persistent problem. Some of these... read more

Candidate Experience to Take Center Stage at HCI Conference

Montage is fortunate to have a presence at many essential industry events for TA leaders this year, including HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference June 26-28 in Boston. We certainly appreciate the give-and-take of information and insights shaping the future of recruitment and hiring. With nearly two quarters and several key conferences already come and gone,... read more

Video Tech Helps Solve Strategic Struggles in Recruiting

ATC will highlight an interesting theme at its 2017 Australasian Talent Conference in Sydney this June: The Humane Recruiter. It’s about recruiters’ pursuit of candidate engagement and a great candidate experience, with technology as a key driver – not a barrier – in this quest. We see this theme validated at Montage every time an... read more