Why Video Chat Tools Don’t Get the Job Done in Healthcare Hiring

Many of our healthcare clients have something remarkable in common: They’ve tested the waters of video interviewing with Skype (or similar video chat tools), and quickly moved to a purpose-built solution. Why is this? Simply put, general video chat tools are not designed to solve the challenges of healthcare hiring.  The travel savings are there, but it’s... read more

Coming Soon Near You: An Invite to Video Interview

candidate video interviewing

If you’re in the job search process now or even just thinking about it, you may have heard about the growing use of video for interviews. The Talent Board North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards and Research program report provides striking data on this trend: 75% of companies surveyed indicate they leverage video interviewing, and the remaining 25%... read more

Is Social Media Information Ok to Use in Hiring? Here’s the Answer…..

“If candidates put their information out on the Internet, can I use it?” It’s a top question for many recruiters and TA professionals. If you’re looking for a definitive answer, spend an hour with a safe hiring expert during Montage’s free HCI webinar Wednesday, October 19 from 12-1pm EDT. Employment attorney Les Rosen Les will guide... read more