TA Leaders’ Quiz: Are You a Good Fit for Video Interviewing?

All kinds of statistics have starting appearing in the last year which indicate a growing use of video technology for hiring. However, the “everybody else is doing it” argument isn’t reason enough for TA professionals to put this innovative technology on their to-do list. As the leader of hiring in your organization, you’re most concerned... read more

What’s Driving the Steady Rise in Video Interviewing?

Five years ago, companies using video interviewing were the early adopters, those willing to try new technology in order to get a jump on their competitors. Today, video interviewing is mainstream – the data backs that up. In the most recent class of CandE Award winners, 75% use video interviewing. Nearly 80% of companies with more than... read more

The Right Job Creates Happiness. The Wrong One, Despair.

I always get ideas from great speakers. That’s why I love to attend industry conferences whenever I can. Being surrounded by people who are similarly steeped in talent acquisition, its pains and purpose, always sparks good ideas and concepts that reinforce why video interviewing technology like Montage’s exists. Here’s a great example. Christine Nichlos, the founder and... read more