5 Tips for Better High Volume Hiring in the Digital Agehigh volume hiring recruiter

Does a request to quickly fill a larger-than-average number of positions make you start to sweat? In the digital age, high volume hiring can present its own set of unique challenges. On one hand, it’s a recruiter’s dream to have that many applicants. On the other hand, you may be buried alive if not prepared... read more

Recruiters, Gain Your Independence from Phone Tag and Scheduling Interviews

6pm rolls around, and you realize you’ve spent another day making phone calls and sending emails, trying with little success scheduling interviews. Sound familiar? That’s a typical day for just about every recruiter. A recent study found that recruiters spend an average of 78,352 minutes per year on the phone. That’s more than 1,305 hours!... read more

GDPR – Are You Asking Your HR Tech Partners the Right Questions?

On May 25, 2018 data security in the European Union (EU) gets an upgrade as new regulations for data protection take effect. HR leaders and TA teams in Europe and globally will feel the impact since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has implications for all businesses that process data of EU citizens. It’s... read more

Today’s Companies Are Turning Silver Medalist Job Candidates into Gold

In sports competitions, a second-place finish is bittersweet at the very least, if not a major disappointment. Not so for today’s runner-up job candidates, though. As companies move to a more candidate-centric hiring approach, being the silver medalist job candidate can also mean winning gold. Montage President and CEO Kurt Heikkinen recently spoke to The... read more

5 Top Financial Services Industry Recruiting TrendsFinancial Service Hiring Trends

As 2017 ended, many organizations began speculating about 2018 recruiting trends and how they would affect certain industries. Now that we’re knee-deep in the first quarter, some industries are seeing these trends take shape. The finance industry comes with its own unique set of compliance requirements as well as intense competition for top talent. The... read more

Building the Better Candidate Experience for College GradsCandidate Experience for College Grads

In a few short months, nearly 1.8 million new college graduates will flood the talent market. Cultural fit is extremely important to the class of 2018. Here are some simple tips to make sure your brand and culture match your experience. Boost your employer brand online Students are researching your organization as they decide whether or not apply – what... read more